Breast-Feeding and Back Pain


In this article by Islington’s Angel Osteopathic Clinic’s Osteopath she will discuss:

  • Breast-feeding positions
  • Using pillows for supporting baby

One of the best things you can do as a mum is to breast-feed your child. Nutritionally breast milk provides everything and it also helps with baby’s immunity. The benefits of breast-feeding also are seen a lot later in the child’s’ development and babies that are breast-fed have better emotional development. Our parent coach Emua Ali includes breast-feeding in her article Tips for Bonding with Baby.

Breast-feeding your first child is always exciting and this bonding process provides plenty of reward but initially it can be hard work. Being pregnant is tiring and giving birth can be an adventure in itself! So settling down in the hours post birth and breast-feeding for the first time doesn’t always prove to be as straight forward as you would like. After all, as natural as it is there has to be a first time for you and for your baby so take advice from the midwife or the specialist breast-feeding adviser. The good news is that if the baby doesn’t latch on immediately they will do eventually but it can be a frustrating time.


There is the traditional breast-feeding position, sitting up with the baby across your body but it can put a lot of strain on your neck as you look down to your baby. This position can also strain the back between the shoulders as you support the baby. Pillows can be of help and there are breast-feeding pillows that are designed to make the feeding easier.

Use everything you can to make feeding as comfortable as possible for you and if it is comfortable for you the baby will feed better and don’t forget it may take some time. There is nothing worse than having a baby that is feeding slowly and you can feel your back starting to hurt so find out what works for you.

The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) is a good source of information regarding breast-feeding. They have a very well researched website and with 318 braches nationwide providing support and information.

It is impossible to diagnose what is causing the back pain during breast-feeding without looking at how you breast-feed so if you are having problems arrange an appointment with Chantel Prince at Islington’s Angel Osteopathic Clinic and you should bring your baby with you too!

If breast-feeding is going well but you are having difficulties with your emotions or with the relationship with your partner arrange to see Islington’s Angel Wellbeing Clinic’s parent coach Emua Ali.


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