Anyone for Tennis?

This article is by Caroline Jones the osteopath in Islington at the Angel Osteopathic Clinic.

It's that time of year again when Tennis fever takes hold across the nation. Watching Roger, Andy, Serena and co making it look so easy, we are compelled to pick up a racket to practice those serve and volleys.

However injuries caused from Tennis are not confined solely to the elite players, us mere mortals are at risk too.

5 of the most common tennis injuries with some useful tips on how to try and reduce your risk of injury are;

Rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder, from lots of over arm serving. Make sure your elbow is well above the level of your shoulder when you serve.

Tennis elbow, which is often associated with a wrist flicking, one handed backhand. Try two hands, and make sure the grip is not too small on the racquet and the strings are not too tight. A larger racket head will also help absorb more of the force.

Knee pain, especially at the front of the knee. This is often aggravated by springing up on to your toes as you serve.

Back pain, which can be worsened by poor posture, especially the 'swayback' (arching) posture. This is often worse in older patients where there is less mobility and more wear and tear in the vertebrae.

Calf and Achilles strains, usually caused from tightness in the calf muscles. A sudden movement, reaching for a ball, pushing off on a straight leg can exacerbate these problems. Done with enough force, you could rupture the Achilles! Good footwear is essential.

Osteopathy can help alleviate the symptoms of all five of these complaints, and work on ways to limit the possibility of further injury. Left unattended these injuries can become more severe and chronic and require much longer periods of rest with the possibility of further invasive treatment? So don't ignore the pain, the quicker it's dealt with, the easier, and the sooner you can be back on the court.

New balls please.

If you have read this article by our osteopath in Islington, Caroline, and you are suffering from any of the conditions listed above please call the clinic in Islington to arrange an appointment with our osteopath. Call reception on 0207 288 2999 or click the link below.


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