5 Signs you have a Pinched Nerve in your Neck

Neck pain is common and approximately 60% of the population will get neck pain during their life.

If you have any of these these symptoms in conjuction with neck pain then you probably do have a pinched nerve and need to see an expert for a diagnosis.

1. pain in neck worse when looking down

2. stiffness in neck in the morning

3. tingling or pins and needles into arm hands or fingers

4. weakness in arm muscles

5. you find yourself sitting with your arm over your head.

If you have any of these symptoms arrange to see the osteopath in Islington for treatment of your neck pain. If you wish to make an appointment to find out about your back-pain in Islington click below. If you wish to see a chiropractor in Islington for your back pain also click below.

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